Care for your Team

Theodore Roosevelt said, “Nobody cares how much you know until they know how much you care.”  I have learned that in leadership, this is very true.  A team that is built with a leader who truly cares about each individual on the team is a team that thrives.  That team is more willing to do whatever is asked of them because they know they have a leader who has their back and is invested in them.  I have learned this principle firsthand by being on a team with a leader who truly cared, not just about what I was doing for them, but also what was going on in my life. I now havthe opportunity to lead a team the same way.   

As leaders, we need to care about our teams, pray for our teams, reach out to our teams during the week, and let them know we are there for them. We can come along next to them and pray for specific things in their life, let them know we appreciate them, and pull the best out of them.  Sometimes people just need to know that someone believes in them, that they are appreciated and loved.  And sometimes just knowing and feeling that from their leader is all the motivation they need to excel in what they do and serve with joy, excellence, and passion.