Fresh Start

Welcome to your Fresh Start.

This teaching series is designed to give new believers and anyone else who wants to build up the foundation of their faith an encouraging space to talk about who God is and what having a relationship with Jesus means for your life. This group is a safe place to ask genuine questions that may have challenged your faith.


Our hope is for you to flourish in your relationship with and understanding of God. We believe that you can break old thought patterns, grow tremendously in faith, and experience extraordinary life-change, both personally and spiritually, through this teaching series as you begin to seek after Jesus every day.

Week 1:   Guide  |  Video

Week 2:   Guide  |  Video

Week 3:   Guide  |  Video

Week 4:   Guide 

Week 5:   Guide 

Week 6:   Guide  

Week 7:   Guide  

Week 8:   Guide  |  Video

Week 9:   Guide  |  Video

Week 10:   Guide  

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