Giving Your Time Is Fun

Many of us have heard the verse from Acts 20:35, “It is more blessed to give than to receive.”  We almost always think of this saying in terms of a Biblical sense and the meaning, according to Webster’s is “made holy”. However, there is another definition in Webster’s that I would like to pursue on the subject and that is “causing great happiness or joy”.   

Who is the subject of that great happiness or joy? Is it the person you are giving to or yourself.  I definitely think it is both. Think about a time when you gave someone a very special gift for their birthday or Christmas. How did you feel when they opened it? My guess is it was as good as they felt. Thus it is more joyful, or “fun”, to give than to receive even for the giver. What are some of those ways we can have more joy or fun? They are through giving your time, money, and gifts to God.   

Matthew 20:28 says, “For even the Son of Man came not to be served but to serve others and to give his life as a ransom for many.”  Do you serve at Lifepoint?  If not, think about it.  There are so many ways you can give your time to God and have fun doing so.  Just ask anyone who is wearing a red shirt on Sunday.  Do you think they are having fun?  They wouldn’t dream of being anywhere else on Earth than at the door or in the lobby of the church making sure your day is as blessed as it can be both before and after the service.  I think they get more out life of giving their time to the church wearing their red shirts than they would if they just attended the service.   

Ever think about mission work, global or local?  Did you participate in Paint The Town RedFor me that has been one of the most joyful times in my life.  This year my Life Group went to the Thurman Brisben Center and gave the reading room area a face lift. We shared many things together during that time and had fun doing it and it didn’t feel like a chore when we finished either.  When the residents at the Center came by to see what we did, the look on their faces was all I needed to receive more back than what I put in. Bottom Line: IT WAS FUN!

Bottom Line: IT WAS FUN!