God Always Keeps His Promises


At the beginning of each year, my family participates in a 21 day corporate fast with our church. This year I decided that I would dig deeper and really seek out the Lord’s plans for my family and for me. I carefully thought about what I would fast and what I would believe God for. Habakkuk 2:2 tells us we should write out our dreams and make them plain, and this year I took that challenge. In addition to fasting certain foods and beverage, I received an urge from the Holy Spirit to give some of my time. Now, as a mother of four, a wife, a part-time employee who works full-time hours, a Girl Scout troop leader, and a card-carrying member to several civic organizations, time is not something I can afford to give. I often have a jam-packed schedule of events that tend to overlap. I often joke that with each child, I became five minutes later for everything. I have four children, so you do the math! So, how can I possibly give time? The Holy Spirit then whispered gently, “Give me your mornings, it’s the tithe of your day, and I will multiply your time.” Wow, what I thought. The Holy Spirit can multiply my time! 

So, I listened. This morning I woke up early and committed to spending time with the Lord. It was wonderful. I felt refreshed and rested. Afterwards, I helped my older girls get dressed for school, I prayed with my children, I sent the older girls off to the bus, I dressed the younger children, and then I showered and got dressed myself. As I packed lunches for the little ones I looked at the time waiting to see how late I would be at dropping the younger kids off at Mother’s Day Out. I was surprised to find I had 15 minutes to get my kids to a school that is only six minutes from my house! Could this be? I had time to spare! It was absolutely amazing and I thought “Lord, you always keep your promises.” 

I loaded the kids up in the car and began to drive them to school in complete silence and serenity. Usually, this time is full of chaos. I am wrestling with my children to get them into their car seats, there’s the screaming or crying or talking or laughing along the way, and let’s not forget the Indie 500 mad-dash down my neighborhood street because I know I am running late. But not today! It was quiet, not even the radio was on. The kids were silent; it seems they love the calm that mommy was exhibiting. I think they like the fact that I was not driving like Mad Maxx, dodging man-holes and coming to screeching stops at stop signs!  

While driving and enjoying the calm ride, I looked up. I actually saw a rainbow today. I haven’t seen one in a long time. I have been so busy, I haven’t taken the time to look up. I was reminded of all of God’s promises, rainbows tend to do that. I realized today, with the help of the Holy Spirit, that I have to slow down and look up! When I slow down, I see things that I am otherwise too busy to see. I realize that God isn’t far. But most of all, I realize that God is true to his word and He fulfills his promises. Don’t forget to look up today. You just might see a rainbow!