The next small group semester will launch on 27 January at every campus. Check back then to find a group.

We believe the full life God intends for us exists within relationship. We foster relationships through groups, which exist to empower our potential through friendship, learning, and prayer.

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- Group Hubs -

We have a variety of groups for whatever season of life you might find yourself in. Our focus in every group is that you would be known by others, grown by encouragement in your spiritual goals, and loved and cared for by those on this God-journey with you.


Coed/Couples, Men’s, or Women’s Groups

A group of 6-10 people that meet weekly to discuss the sermon or other Bible topics. Groups meet for at least one semester with the option of continuing into the next semester. Topics include: weekend messages, living fully alive, parenting, marriage enrichment, questions about faith in God, or general Bible study in a mixed gender group.


Student Squads

High school or middle school students that meet together weekly at host homes arranged by campus. Squads are the place to make connections with other students learning to live fully alive in Christ. There are often some fun activities and food at the meetings along with meaningful discussion of life topics.


Freedom Groups

Freedom Groups are a 13-week experience designed to help participants live fully alive in Christ. The group meetings culminate with a day and a half conference essential in carrying freedom forward into day by day living. The $65 fee includes all materials and fees for both the course and conference. If you are unable to attend the conference dates listed in the group details, wait until the next semester. Payments to do not transfer over from one semester to another. Scholarships are available based on need.


Finance Groups

Groups focused on financial fitness and managing money with God’s truth as our model. Discover the freedom of living within the boundary of your income and the blessings that come from returning the tithe and bringing offerings to God.


Outreach Groups

A group of people who meet regularly to accomplish service projects that may be local, national, or global. These groups also discuss the sermon as part of their activity and encourage one another to grow spiritually.


Prayer Groups

A group of people who meet weekly to pray for one another and the needs of our communities. They focus on life-giving, uplifting conversation with God, inviting Him to do what only He can do.

- FAQ's -

How often do we meet?

Groups meet on different days and times during the week. Most meet weekly.


Where do groups meet?

Groups meet where people gather – in homes, restaurants, coffee shops, hiking trails = anywhere!


What will we talk about?

Groups may decide to use a variety of studies. Your facilitator will have access to resources that will allow you to study any topic that your group chooses.


Is childcare provided?

Not all Groups offer childcare, but some will have participants share responsibility in watching the children, split the cost for a sitter, or make other arrangements.


Why do we have Semesters?

Special short term groups meet on a semester basis, so our group pattern is arranged around them. Examples are Freedom Groups, Finance Groups, DivorceCare, and GriefShare.

Other groups are encouraged to take the semester breaks so the leaders can be refreshed and all have the opportunity to move to a new group as schedules and needs change.

Semesters are:

Fall – 13 weeks

Winter/Spring – 13 weeks

Summer – 6 weeks