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Since the beginning Hope of Life’s vision has always been to rescue the future generations of Guatemala and the world through the power of a practical Gospel. Hope of Life never wants to meet a physical need without meeting a spiritual need. They want to see a transformation of generations from dependency to independence, to become strong leaders for the world and for the Kingdom. Hope of Life has many different areas of their ministry that are detailed below.

Areas of Ministry

Child Rescue– Malnutrition and preventable disease weaken children each day. Child rescues bring children urgent medical care and to nurse them back to health.


Village of Transformation– Guatemalan Family- Style Orphan care. Homes that unites up to eight orphaned children with a loving family, all doing life together in the same home. Adoptive moms and dads offering encouragement and care


Kelly’s House– 40 children living in Kelly’s House, each one has physical or mental disabilities


Oasis de Eden– 50 elderly living in Oasis de Eden, they used to be homeless, in severe poverty, have urgent care needs-medication, food, and warm place to sleep


Saint Luke’s Hospital– Help in support of child rescues and others in the local community


Safe Haven– Safe Haven Village offers a family environment for orphans to be loved, nurtured, encouraged, and taught life’s important lessons first-hand. We believe family-style orphan care is part of God’s solution in caring for orphans, for healing hearts, and for training up a child in the way he or she should go. Three American families have felt the Lord call them to Guatemala through going on Short Term Missions at Hope of Life. They have moved to live on the property of Hope of Life International, started Safe Haven Village.


The Families:

* Monk’s Family– Patti & Phil & 11 Children moved from Fredericksburg, VA

* Holt’s Family– Jessica & Matt & 11 Children moved from Fredericksburg, VA

* Rules’s Family- John & Tanya & 11 Children moved from Fredericksburg, VA

Prayer Request

* Child Rescues-Wisdom in how and when to go & wisdom in their road to health, and funding for the rescues to continue to come in

* Children at Village of Transformation- For healing in their hearts and souls from deep hurts and bondages from their past

* Kelly’s House & Saint Luke’s Hospital- Continual health and life & wisdom to healthcare team

* Oasis de Eden- Each of them to be drawn closer to the Lord as they have felt a loss of not seeing their family

* Families and people in the village of El Oasis for provision of finances and that the whole village comes to know the Lord- this is a village that Lifepoint is in partnership in Guatemala and every mission trip team goes to this village and builds the ongoing relationship with them

* Safe Haven-

o Visa Process – for approval of all American families to obtain permanent residency ASAP through a smooth process

o Children- For healing in their hearts and souls from deep hurts and bondages from their past

o Parents- renewed strength and wisdom every day, and an increase of grace for the children who are having emotional and spiritual struggles

o Health- protection of their overall health, especially against parasites, amoebas, & viruses are a recurring struggle.

o Provision- increase supporters, increase of small jobs in the community

o New ideas with Hope of Life leadership to advocate for all the families

o Wisdom and discernment in everything we do

* Bryan & Whitney Saulton- Sent from Lifepoint Church, they are serving at Hope of Life International; Whitney works as a Nurse at the Hospital & Bryan as a Chef for the ministry

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