How to Care for your People

What does the “CARE” aspect of being a leader look like from a very practical point of view? Care happens in the context of relationships. My hope is that this will give you a very practical outline of how to develop long lasting, authentic relationships with your team members. 



  • Pray every day for every single person you lead by name. Just the very act of saying someone’s name out loud in prayer does something in your Spirit.  



  • Get in touch. On your off week reach out to your team members (all of them) just to see how they are doing? Not every communication with your team can be based on something you need from them. 
  • “How are you, I’m praying for you.” 
  • Share a scripture 
  • Share something that stood out to you from the message 
  • Communicate. On the week your team is serving, make sure to communicate all relevant information. The uninformed feel unimportant. Make sure everyone gets the prep doc and any updates. 



  • Be social. Once a month get the team together and have coffee. Get some pizza and just hang out. Go bowling. Go see a movie together. Go to Starbucks and just share prayer requests. 



  • Serve together. Sounds a little silly, you serve together all the time! Sunday is not what I mean. One month out of the quarter, instead of a social gathering have a “serve” gathering. Meet a need in your community.  


Now here is the one thing you’re going to have to do for any of this to happen. You’ve got to get it on a schedule. If you’re not in the practice of keeping an organized calendar, then your life probably feels a little crazy, even a little out of control. Once you have a way of keeping a schedule that works for you, be intentional about putting this stuff on your schedule.