I Am Not Enough

I recently began reading a book called Nothing to Prove by Jennie Allen (2017). It has been so refreshing to read. At one point, Allen writes, “I am not enough for this. I. Can. Not. Do. It.” Wow, those words hit home to me. They are words that I often think myself. And at times, I question how I can lead and grow in leadership if these words are coursing through my mind.  

The author shared that one of her most treasured mentors came over to her in that moment and spoke to her the most devastating truth. “I know. And that’s why God picked you, Jennie.” This truth has now been pierced through my heart. I am not enough, and that’s why God pick me! There is nothing I have done or will do that grants me the position of leadership I have been given. That is so freeing! I truly have nothing to prove to anyone around me, because it’s God who is enough through me.  

I sit again being reminded of the last statements of the chapter: “I want to be good enough to lead this thing. I want to be enough for God, for you. And that’s my sin. Deep down, I want to be enough I don’t want to keep needing God. I am realizing it’s not my curse that I believe I am not enough, it’s my sin that I keep trying to be. All the while Jesus is saying. I want to free you from your striving, free you from your doubt, free you from your pride that cares more about your achieving something than you receiving something. I am enough. So you don’t have to be.”  

How amazing is that to hear? Reading and accepting the truth that I am not enough so that God can be has given me a level of confidence I never expected to have. I can lead better because I know that I can’t do it without him. My leadership is developing even more by gaining this new perspective. Many of us lead from the position of trying proving ourselves to whoever is above us so that they will be proud of us. If we begin to lead from the approval of the highest one in authority, then we will realize our true position is already stamped with YOU ARE ENOUGH! Because I AM! 


ALLEN, J. (2017). NOTHING TO PROVE: Why We Can Stop Trying So HardS.l.WaterBrook