Leading in High Stress Situations

There are times in our lives when we must wear many hats. These seasons can be stressful and take a toll on our relationships if we don’t have the right boundaries and strategies in place. I served for a period of time in a position that required me to juggle multiple roles and here are a few things I learned in that season: 


  • I am more capable than I thought. 
  • I am now more efficient with the work day. 
  • I have a firm line between home and work. 
  • A spotless house is over-rated. 


Here are some of the boundaries and strategies that helped me succeed in balancing my roles and maintaining my health and sanity: 


  • Take a Sabbath every week and guard it carefully. Create space in your week to do something fun! 
  • Don’t take your work home. You won’t be fully present for your work or your family/house-mates if you don’t create clear boundaries between the two. 
  • Take short breaks every day to stretch, move around, and change your scenery. This will help refresh you throughout the day. 
  • Notice the people around you and give them value. Look people in the eyes when talking with them. Trust and honor are maintained in these exchanges. 
  • Realize you are not at your best, emotionally. You will need to give yourself grace and ask forgiveness more often. 
  • Stay connected to your friends. Don’t forsake the friends who speak life into you. They will be a great source of much needed encouragement. 


What have you learned in seasons of high stress?