My leggings love affair started with curiosity. Could they really be as wonderful as everyone said? I have developed a love affair with those buttery soft leggings. They are an essential part of my every day, and they just make me smile. My life has been changed, and I hope to never look back at what life was like before leggings. All you have to do is ask what I’m wearing, and suddenly there is a glint in my eye, my smile gets bigger, and I not only answer what, but also why! I don’t even flinch when people ask to touch my leg to see if they are as soft as they have heard. “Yes, they are! Feel them!”

You see, when I find something I love, I want others to experience the same joy! Everyone who knows me knows how much I love my leggings. Why? Because I talk about them! I invite others to come with me to shop for them! I tell everyone I know just how wonderful they are, and why they need to try them, too. I’ve even talked to men about them because they might need to tell their wives, sisters, or friends. It’s part of my “moral responsibility” to make sure everyone can know the freedom of never worrying about straining to button that top button on their jeans again because of the beauty found in these wonderfully whimsical stretchy pants. But as much as these leggings have impacted my life, they do not even come close to comparing to the impact of my salvation through Jesus Christ.

So why is it easier for me to invite complete strangers to experience the joy found in leggings than the exhilaration found through Christ? We are commanded to go out and make disciples, yet for many of us, we wait for the ideal opportunity that may never come. We post blanket invitations to church on our social media pages. We assume that because our friends know where we attend, they would ask us if they wanted to join us. But how many of our friends are waiting for that special invitation? How many people would respond to an invitation if it was delivered with the same enthusiasm we have when discussing our favorite new trend, or our favorite sports team? If we are willing to be bold enough to extend a leg when discussing our fashion, why do we wait to extend a hand when offering an invitation?

When you talk about your story, are you timid, or are you showing how your life has been transformed so that others will want what you have found? Are you being a brand ambassador for Christ? We talk about things we love because we want others to know the same love. If Christ truly holds your heart, be bold in your invitations! Some might say no, but others will say yes. And one yes is worth a hundred no’s.