Not Until I’ve Had My Coffee

It’s no secret that we live in a caffeine hungry, coffee-crazed society. There are specialty shops in every town, where you will find people of all ages, backgrounds, and social circles gathered together in search of their highly coveted coffee concoctions. For many, it’s more than just something nice to have from time to time. It’s become an essential part of starting the morning off right. Until that first cup has been consumed, you don’t want to be in the general vicinity of the poor, decaffeinated soul. Tempers run high, and patience runs short. Energy is seriously lacking until they shuffle over to their beloved coffee pot to awaken their soul. And then all is right with the world.  

We all know people who will stop you and say, “You need to give me a few minutes because I haven’t had my coffee yet.” What if we were that intentional about starting the day with God? If we were as willing to say, “Everything needs to just wait because I haven’t had my time with God yet, and I can’t function without it”?  

So many times we get rushed, and we think we’ll do it later. But when we put off starting our morning with God, it can be more devastating to our spirit than skipping that cup of coffee. Starting the day united with Him will awaken our spirits and prepare us for what lies ahead, knowing we are not going in alone. In a world of rush, rush, rush, it allows us to center our focus on what really matters. I know my patience is better and I’m less likely to lose my cool if I have spent time getting my heart right. If we spend time with God and an attitude of gratitude, the little trivial things of the day aren’t as likely to get to us. When we start our day spending time with God, the whole day just goes better. 

Coffee is wonderful, but it can’t do for you what time with God can. And if you refuse to start your day without one, why would you want to start your day without the other?