Passion Through Progress Part 3

Through this series you have hopefully learned the power of prayer in your marriage and reignited some passion through pursuing your spouse in dating. The final principle is one that will help you maintain your priorities as you keep Christ the center of it all.


Proper Perspective


Your spouse is not your source of happiness, your fulfillment or even the most important thing in your life. That mentality puts a burden on them that sets you both up for disappointment. Only God can live up to that standard. A wise pastor once prioritized it like this for me: 1. God, 2. Spouse, 3. Kids, then everything else. Remember, your spouse comes BEFORE your kids. When I come home from work I try to be very intentional about greeting and loving on my wife first!

* Challenge – Have you elevated your spouse above God? Confess to God and ask Him for forgiveness. Ask Him to guide you in making Him the #1 priority in your life!