Push Past Our Comfort

It’s easy to say that we love our church, our role, and the way that we serve. It’s something that makes us happy, fills us up, and brings us great joy. It’s what we look forward to all week. It’s comfortable, like an old pair of slippers. Let’s think about this, is leadership supposed to be comfortable or is it supposed to stretch us? If our team is getting comfortable and Sunday is becoming old hat, we might need to switch things up. Here are some questions that might help. 

  1. Are we challenging ourselvesIn what ways can we improve our leadership? Are we drawing out the more reserved members on our team? Are we caring well for everyone on our team or group? How can we encourage our team to perform at an even higher level?   
  2. Are we recruiting? We always want to make sure our groups are growing. Even if we think our team is full, we should be so excited about what God is doing through it that we want other people to be part of it! We want people to be connected, to share our vision, and to be a part of all that is happening at our church. If we aren’t helping spread that vision, what is keeping us from itSomeone near us could be waiting for us to give them that little extra nudge that will make all the difference. 
  3. Are we empowering new leaders? Our ministry can only grow at the rate at which we can build new leaders. Always be looking for opportunities to empower people who are willing and able to lead, even if it’s in a different team or group.  We give away ministry. If we are not challenging the people on our team or in our group to take steps towards leading, it’s time to start. 

People often get comfortable when they experience success. Success is good, but comfort can lead to standards beginning to slip when we rest on our laurels. If we have gotten comfortable because we are always performing at the standard, then it’s time to raise the standard. Always lead by example and push your team to do their best. Great things can happen when we get uncomfortable. And isn’t it more rewarding when we see people really push themselves and do things they never thought they were capable of? Who knows how many dream team members are sitting comfortably right now, not knowing that they are the future leaders of our church? When we and our team get a little uncomfortable, a chain reaction will be set into motion. And if we don’t shake things up ourselves, God probably will do it for us.  He’s good like that.