Sensitivity To The Holy Spirit

As leaders we always have preparation to do. Each of us have different areas we lead – leading a work team, leading a service department, leading a small group, leading a serving team, or leading children at home or in the workplace. In all of those areas we must put in time and energy to prepare to lead our people. We can easily move from accomplishing one task to another and never pause to be sensitive to what Holy Spirit is saying. In that moment we become like any leader in the world, working out of our mind, will and emotions (what the bible calls the flesh) and not the Spirit.

The Lord has been teaching me to be sensitive to Holy Spirit in all areas. I have started to pause in the middle of my work days and remember Holy Spirit knows best. While I am writing an email I sometimes “feel weird.” To me that is a sign I should ask Holy Spirit about it. So I stop before I click send and ask Holy Spirit, “Is this the best way of communicating, or the right time for communicating?” and act after the response.

When I’m leading my group it can become easy to do the x, y, and z process because that’s how I always do it. The Lord has been saying, “Stella, what is Holy Spirit saying?” So I wait and listen, and respond to what I feel He is saying, and that has led to some of the best nights of breakthrough for the people in group.

I have been very thankful for the way the Lord has shown me to be sensitive to Holy Spirit in all things. Be okay to stop and wait, and act after communing with Holy Spirt. As you lean on Holy Spirit, breakthrough in your leadership will happen because it’s not you alone, but the Power that lives in side of you, making you a better leader.