Shepherding Your Team: Part 1

Shepherding is talked about many times in scripture but it isn’t a subject that translates easily into modern culture. The image of Little Bo Peep doesn’t quite depict the elements of leadership. Over the next couple weeks we will look at eight tips that will help you successfully shepherd your ministry team.

1. New Sheep at the Gate –

When sheep are in new territory they don’t know where to go on their own. Your new team members won’t fully understand the expectations or culture right out of the gate. Walk closely with them. Don’t make assumptions, even regarding their salvation as they may not yet have a relationship with Christ. Remember that it’s common to forget things over time so reemphasizing the expectations, culture and vision is vital to shepherding a healthy team.


2. It’s Caught and Taught –

Sheep depend heavily on their vision and have excellent hearing. They will follow and repeat where you go and how you lead. A successful shepherd both models and teaches their leadership.


3. Smell like Sheep –

Shepherds smell like sheep because they spend time with their flock. People should be able to tell that you spend time with your team. Make sure you get to know your team beyond their serving role and allow them access to you.


4. Feed Them –

Sheep have to eat to live and grow. Coaching and encouraging your team in their walk with God is an important part of leading, but it is equally important to help them learn how to feed themselves. Make it a priority to know the spiritual state of each team member and have the conversations that are necessary to help them grow.