The Most Important Thing in Leadership

The Most Important Thing in Leadership 

What is the most important thing in leadership?  It’s a tough question.  Shoot, every week you receive new blogs and new podcasts with new topics or principles that I hope you are taking and using it to grow both your leadership and you as a person.  But what is the most important thing in leadership?  Well, I think the greatest leader to ever live was Jesus.  What did Jesus do better than anyone? I think all of Jesus’ leadership can be boiled down to one word: Love.  Thats it.  The most important thing in leadership is love, more specifically loving people.  For us and our context, we are called to love the people God has entrusted to us, those people on our teams.  But how do we do it?  Here are three things that I think will help get you headed down the right path. 


Meaningful Connection 

People are starving for connection.  The world, society and our culture is anti-connection but the problem is, and this is where the tension comes from, that God created us to have a high level of connection with each other.  Not just trivial, small-talk kind of connection.  People want to know that someone else genuinely cares for them.  Did you know that there are people on your team who feel like no one cares about them?  They feel alone as if they were on an island.  So here are some questions that will help you selfevaluate:   

  • Do my people know I love them? 
  • When I call them am I just making small talk or am I intentional about asking questions that will lead to ministry? 
  • Do I make time (actually block out time on my calendar) during my week to have meaningful conversations? 
  • Are all my communications more dispersing information?  How do I move more towards inspiration? 


Continued Education 

Jesus was always teaching.  Now, I don’t expect everyone to be a leadership guru, but I do expect you to be intentional about pouring into your team.  Calm down, I can hear your thoughts right now.  Youre saying, “Im not a teacher. Maybe you’re thinking, “I’m not qualified, or “I wouldn’t know what to teach”. Here are some subpoints that might help: 

  • Always be learning.  A leader never stops learning.  We give you many opportunities to grow in your leadership at church through trainings, leadership summits, and leadership corners, but there are a wealth of podcasts and leadership books at your disposal.  Dig, and never stop digging. 
  • What is God teaching you?  Teach that.  To answer this question you have to do two things:  

1) You have to be in God’s word (daily) 

2) You have to be listening for the voice of God in your life.  Can’t hear the voice of God?  Your probably not being still enough or quiet long enough to be able to hear it.  You have to make time; if you don’t its not going to happen. 


Be vulnerable 

The King of all creation wore a servants clothing and hung on a cross naked for all the world to see.  He went vulnerable. David went into battle against Goliath not in the king’s armor, but in The King’s armor.  When you strip off what God never meant for you to carry and go vulnerable in front of your people using your struggles as a testimony, God will use it to deeply impact someone in the room. 

  • Have you walked through something in your life that God has given your freedom from?  Maybe its a sin you lived in for a season.  Maybe its an addiction you’ve been freed from.  Maybe God saved your marriage.  Ask God to show you how he wants you to use this part of your life as a testimony. 

Use these three tips as you lead with Jesus as your model. He has called you to this role. Now let Him teach you how He wants you to serve.