Three Ways to Propel Our Leadership


To become a great leader, we must first learn to submit to authority.  It’s kingdom logic, not what the world teaches.  But the fact is, if we never learn how to align with authority, God will not bless us with authority. We understand submission when it comes to our job because if we don’t we won’t be around for very long and the paycheck stops. It’s often harder to submit as a volunteer because what we do is voluntary. This is where our internal motivation comes in play. Is there an authority in your life you need to submit to?  The Bible says in Romans 13:1 that all authority comes from God. 


Leaders don’t simply walk around telling people what to do.  If a leader walks into a room and fear is what enters the hearts and minds of the folks he or she leads, something is wrong.  A leader serves others.  A leader is willing to do whatever it takes to turn vision into reality.  I believe the greatest leader ever was Jesus.  Mark 10:45 says that the Son of Man came not to be served but to serve.  Don’t you think it’s interesting that just before he went to the cross, he washed the feet of those he led?  What do you think Christ was trying to tell us?  Whose name is popping into your head right now that you need to serve? 


Leaders don’t get to positions of leadership because they are constantly the smartest person in the room.  Great leaders surround themselves with people who remind them, “I haven’t arrived yet.”  What’s an area you would like to grow in?  Get yourself around someone who has proven they excel in that area.   Don’t think small here.  Ask someone you think would never take the time to meet with you.  Recently Pastor Daniel challenged us (staff) about who we surround ourselves with.  For one reason or another (I believe God was already lining something up for me) I could not let this challenge go.  The name that hit me was Larry Brey, the Campus Pastor at Elevation Church University City.  He’s been on the cover of Church Executive magazine and many would call him the best and most influential Campus Pastor in America.  That was my guy.  I thought there was no chance he would meet with me but I figured, “Hey…what do I have to lose?”  I sent him at email and asked for just 30 minutes of his time.  I’d buy breakfast, lunch or dinner…whatever he had time for.  He emailed back and said that wasn’t going to work.  What he meant was that if I was coming that far he wanted to spend the whole day with me!  WHAT?  You never know, just make the ask!