ViP: How to Rock the Team Meeting

A ViP meeting should be 50% prayer, 40% vision, and 10% information. Before we do anything else, we gather for ViP.   

Vision (40%) 

Because vision easily gets lost in the hurry and busy-ness of serving, we must always speak of the why behind what we do. This may look different each week. Vision is as simple as sharing a story of life change, the number of salvations from the week before, or a scripture reference. No matter what the vision, we want our leaders to make it personal. The vision is lived out in our cultural values. Some weeks, pick one cultural value and teach it to your team. 

Information (10%) 

Present the details and last-minute updates the team needs to know. Equip teams to serve with excellence. Share upcoming opportunity announcements. This is also the time to give reminders for serving on the team with excellence – arriving on time, always have attention on guests, dress appropriately, etc. 

Prayer (50%) 

Are you praying with your team every single week? This is directly related to the health of your team! Remember to pray for the items on our church and campus prayer list. Ask for prayer requests from team members and then pray together as a team before you head out to serve. You can use this time to encourage everyone to stay in the word daily and to spend time with God before they come in to serve.