What It Takes To Lead Well

You’re a leader.  Let that sink in.  You are a leader in one of the fastest growing churches in the country.  Wow! Kind of crazy to think God uses folks like us to transform a community in the name of Jesus.  So, now what? What does that even mean? What is expected of us? How do we know we’re doing a good job?  I hope this article will be helpful for you. This will, by no means, be an exhaustive list detailing everything we do, but I do hope it provides a framework to help clarify expectations and what a “win” looks like. 


  1. Care 

Your number one responsibility as a leader is the care of the people you lead.  Now its important to say what this does NOT mean. It does not mean that you are responsible for the physical well-being of this individual, it does not mean that you are responsible for the spiritual well-being of this individual, and it does not mean that your job to provide financially for this individual.  God protects, the Holy Spirit convicts and Jesus saves!  Its your job, though, to make sure the people you oversee know that you care about them.  You care if they are being admitted to the hospital.  You care if their kid has gone wayward. You know specifically what to pray for them.  You check on them during the week, not to make sure they will be there on Sunday, but just to say, “Hey, how are you? How can I be praying for you?”  If people don’t know that you first care about them, they will never follow you. As leaders, we have to be more concerned about who people are becoming and how they are doing as opposed to what they do for us. 


2.  Recruit 

Your second role as a leader is to recruit people to your team. How do you get grass to grow?  Water it, feed it, care for it, and it will grow. If you are caring for your team they will do all the recruiting. Recruiting is work and people will only recruit for two reasons:  

  • To relieve the pressure on themselves, OR 
  • To invite people to be a part of a team that has changed their lives because they are so well cared for. 

When we talk about recruiting (keep in mind this is difficult if not impossible to do without the care aspect) we must: 


Lead with vision. Never make statements like, “we really need people for “whatever” because if we don’t “whatever” won’t happen. This kind of sounds like we’re asking someone to jump on a sinking ship with us so we won’t be alone when we drown. 

Invite people into what God is doing through your team. Share a story. Share your testimony. What has God done through you because of your time serving the church? 

As a leader, you should always be replacing yourself. Have you ever wondered who would move up if your coach was called somewhere else? (And they will be). The answer is YOU. You are the next coach. So, who is replacing you when get called up? Why are you not training them to take your job? This applies to our team members, too. Every volunteer should know that part of their role as a volunteer at Lifepoint Church is to replicate themselves. If we don’t, then we are basically saying that God is done growing the church.  


3. Execute with Excellence 

We have high standards here at Lifepoint. Its one of the reasons you fell in love with it. At some point, you loved your experience. Our high standards aren’t going to change as long as Pastor Daniel is leading this church. Here are some things that will help us execute with excellence whether on Sunday or in our group: 

  • Pray. We pray till something happens. Does your team pray before you get started? If not, start this week. Nothing of eternal significance happens apart from prayer. 
  • Pre-Sunday communication. If we wait until our VIP to talk to our team we are 4 or 5 steps behind and we will be playing catch up all day. Does your team know what to expect on the campus that day – Volunteer Orientation, Spontaneous baptism, Leader Orientation? Do they know what their role will be or did you wait until the day of to figure that out? When people are not communicated to going into Sunday they feel frustrated, unimportant and ill-equipped. 
  • Environmental Checklist. Recently I got to fly in a private plane because of an awesome amazing volunteer (thanks Scott!). His friend, Lindy. flew us. Lindy has thousands and thousands of hours logged. He actually flew POTUS around in a previous career! He’s got experience, tons of it. I was amazed at the intentionality and painstakingly deliberate pace with which he went through the preflight checklist. He could have skipped that and everything would have been fine, but why take the chance? There are lives on the line, right? So, to execute with excellence, create a checklist so that those setting up your environments never miss a detail. I’d much rather have a leader having Pastoral conversations as opposed to running around checking to make sure every detail got done. If your environment currently does not have a checklist, create one and share it with your Coach for review. 

So, there you have it. What is my job as a leader? Care, recruit and execute with excellence. In that order!